Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Venting...

Its been a while, but tonight I feel the need to vent. What is it about the need to automate everything so much that the customer now has less say in what happens with their service or product than before the so called 'progress' that computerization has brought.

Tonight, I ordered something online. During the process of ordering, I was asked to sign up and create an account. After doing this, the system then had me go back to my inbox, click on the confirmation email and then sign in to the web site. On doing so, I noted that the system had dutifully remembered the state of my cart - so I proceeded to the payment stage. After I had completed the sale, I read the confirmation email and noted with dismay that I had ordered the Spanish version.

When I called the customer service line (at least a human answered) I was told that I have to let the system dispatch the package and ship it across America to my home address so that I can refuse to accept it - because she had no way to stop the transaction!

What ever happened to a quick call to hand over you card details - over and done with.

Is this really progress - I'm not so sure.