Friday, April 10, 2009

Going Backwards?

I am starting to question why are we so backwards in our profession. Don't misunderstand me, I am way too humble to ever assume my own skills should be held in high regard, in fact just the opposite, I have much to learn. For me, I guess I feel my only defense is that at least I realize it and I am more than willing to learn how to improve!

Software development is very much a profession in its infancy, and I am watching the software craftsmanship threads with interest and like what I hear, but alas I fear the masses start to pick up on it as the latest buzzword and screw that up as well. At least the name isn't as downright tempting to misconstrue as agility. Thing is, while the profession is extremely immature, there are plenty of good ideas out there for solving the majority of business problems that most software projects could be categorized within. Excluding most NASA missions that involve anything other than ordering out for a Big Mac, Google's search optimization or how to scale Facebook, most projects still involve simple CRUD with a few business rules thrown in. So why does it seem so hard to get anything done?

My own viewpoint centers on the fact that merely doing mundane stuff well is not thrilling to many developers, who want to use the latest REST based cloud buses (BTW - in case anyone is thinking of using this as the latest hot idea, it's really only my sarcasm shining through - so DON'T).

Oh for the day when the headlines of technology magazines can shout with joy - 'Developers deliver project with good code' - which seems to me to be far too great a challenge for the majority of organizations out there.


Corey Haines said...

Although 'craftsmanship' is definitely becoming a buzzword, there are a lot of us that are doing our best to walk the walk in our own ways, not just talking about it. Stick to paying attention to the core that is actually trying to start locally and set an example; the masses will sort themselves out.

Check out the thread on the weekly actions:

Andrew said...

Cory, thanks for the input. I have been contemplating long and hard and I believe you are spot on. This helps me come back 360 on my own thinking, it often takes someone else with a different perspective to point out the 'obvious'.

Thanks for the wake up call.

Corey Haines said...

Good to hear. It is true that we sometimes just need an outside voice to remind us what we are thinking.

Keep us all up to date on how things are going.