Saturday, February 14, 2009

Simplicity in an ever more complex world

Uncle Bob has me thinking about software craftsmanship, some of the simple home truths he talks about in that Infoq presentation are very profound. Every day I look over the headlines on technical news websites and read about the latest distributed-cloud-enterprise-service-buses (sounds like a cool new way of getting to work in the morning).

In my opinion, we are a community that enjoys a challenge a little too much, then of course, there is always the powerful self serving aspect - can I make this fashionable new technology work so I can put it on my resume. Our focus should be on establishing ourselves as a profession first - by mastering the basics and providing business value. Its an old tune, but the basics are done very poorly in software development and its not until we learn that mastery of the most basic skills of software construction will do far more to further the 'professional' aspect of our chosen discipline than any other factor, that we will have truly progressed.

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