Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tired of doing the right thing

Some days, I just get weary of trying to keep things simple and honest. Don't know how others feel about this, but two or three mad phone calls or meetings with folk who simply want to add to the problem, rather than focusing on a solution makes my blood boil.

This is nothing specifically to do with software development, there are people like this in all walks of life. I would wager a pint or two however that great organizations stamp on this kind of thing, and that's exactly what makes them great! Sure, its human nature, protectionism etc, but its still painful to deal with

When a day contains one too many conversations where
- waste over sufficiency
- confusion over clarity and comprehension
- speculation over conversation/resolution
- complexity over simplicity
- procrastination over immediate action

have been prominent, I lapse into a state of indifference.

As someone once said to me, just relax and take the money.

Pass me my drink :)
Ahhhh. I'm calm.

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